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Where to get Eco

Top 3 EcoFashion Swimsuit CollectionsSince the advent of more ecofashions becoming mainstream, one area in the past few years that has been lacking is in swimwear. This Summer season, however has seen an upsurge ofeco designers creating and even specializing in creating sustainable swimwear lines. From organic fabrics to recycled outer linings there is an interesting material blend for almost every suit. Here we are going to take a look at the top threeecofashion suit collections, so that you can make the best environmentally based swim suit choice.

EcoPanda: By far the top listing for sustainable swimwear. They specialize in creating nothing but swimwear and cover ups. Each bikini piece, top and bottom are sold separately to allow for mixing and matching while the one piece suits come in complimentary patterns and styles.

The basis for their suits come from using nylon recycled from fishing nets. Featured to the left is their Mandalay BandeauMonokini one piece that retails online for $49.95. Featured in The View's green fashion show, her suits are created from 100% organic bamboo and cotton blends. The current collection contains three styledecosuits which range from $118 to $140 online through the designers Etsy shop.

Featured to the left is Kelly's Tizzi Cut Out Swimsuit which has a removable neckstrap and minimale cut outs for coverage with a little bit of a sexy edge. The Green is Black bikini collection contains various colors and styles for tops only.

The majority of featured tops are fromOom Ethikwear's in Canada and created from a base of 100% certified fair trade organic cotton. Other suits that are offered through Green is Black are made from recycled materials andrepurposed for their swimwear collection. Featured to the left is their eco string bikini by deux fm's denim and with an inner bamboo and cotton lining. Check out the latest fashions whether they're made of the softest organic cotton or from recycled plastic bags.

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Maternity Sundress

If you're heading for the beach, out for a picnic, or on to any activity in the warm weather during your pregnancy you'll be looking for a stylish maternity sundress so you can be as cool as possible. They're easy to find, but the question is what style is going to look best on you? What kind of color or pattern should you choose for best effect?

The Beauty of a Maternity Sundress

Although a maternity sundress is not something valentino shoes that any expert on the subject would class as a "maternity musthave" it is an item that you'll enjoy while you're pregnant. If you love being out in the sun you might want a whole collection of maternity sundresses. Again, if you're feeling the heat, you can use maternity sundresses for anything from a trip to the store, to hanging out with friends or even for more elegant activities.

Whatever your tastes in fashion, you can find a maternity sundress in a style and color to suit you. Largely, what's available now is simply a maternity take on what's hot anyway. You can find anything from a simple tee maternity sundress, to an upmarket creation using the most exclusive fabrics around.


If you are naturally slim and petite, you can get away with boisterous prints and brighter colors during your pregnancy. But if you're going for a streamlined silhouette to disguise your weight gain, stick to less obvious patterns and slightly quiet colors. If you wear larger sizes, the darker your maternity sundress the better, in order to make you look slimmer and more elegant.